Branding — 06

DICE Brand Book

For the DICE rebrand, I was tasked with designing and building a one-page website showcasing the new aspects of the brand—from colour, typography and imagery—in an interactive and engaging way.

Dribbble colour
Colour; Hovering over each stripe reveals the hex code
Dribbble titles
Bold titles cover our marketing assets, in our brand book you can hover over a letter to reveal a big Artist name

We explored various ways to make the site feel alive and playful, adding interactions that the user can explore in each section through hovering, for example: cycling through pattern examples, revealing colour details, shifting and exploding the typography. We submitted the whole rebrand to the DNAD awards and it was shortlisted for the branding category.

Dribbble vibrations
Our vibrations are a key visual element and rise and fall in frequency; Hovering over the numbers shows a pattern of that strength
Dice type
A showcase of our typefaces working together
DICE explosion
As you scroll past this title it explodes in a random assortment