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End Violence Against Women

End Violence Against Women is a UK coalition focusing primarily on running campaigns, increasing awareness and impacting policy.

From our initial meetings with the team, we identified many frustrations with their old website; they couldn't easily add updates to their campaigns and couldn't highlight key statistics.

Planning & wireframing

The first step was to identify what content the team wanted to create, then figure out how we could best support this. The bread and butter of EVAW's work is their campaigns, so we focused on creating a robust, flexible campaign template that included a statistics section and updates feed.

EVAW wireframes
Initial wireframes

The homepage

For the homepage of the site, we abandoned the typical tagline approach in favour of highlighting a key statistic around violence against women, with links to share the statistic on Twitter or Facebook. In this way, we strengthened EVAWs message by bringing the shocking facts to the forefront of the site and encouraged engagement with the ability to socially spread those facts.

This is supported by a 'Latest news' feed and an intro to the organisations work. To balance the prominence of timely content with the more evergreen information pages, the homepage includes a wall of featured pages that is fully customisable by the team; they can highlight current campaigns, petitions and important information.

Evaw homepage

The design

The look and feel of the new website was inspired by the suffragette movement and activism in general, using large, bold typography and sharp overlapping shapes that imitate the style of protest placards.

EVAW elements
Collage of design elements
Evaw campaign
Campaign page with statistics and updates
Evaw article
Article page
Evaw homepage mobile
Evaw campaign mobile
Evaw article mobile