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Explore Churches

ExploreChurches is a high quality resource for visitors and churches, supporting and promoting a beautiful collection of fascinating places to visit.

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The most important aspects of this project were to make the database easily searchable, offer useful and relevant information about each location and encourage users to contribute and share their experiences. To achieve these goals we created two fundamental ways of reaching an individual church page based on the two identified audiences. Firstly, an interactive map tool to target the audience that has a location in mind and wants to find out what locations are nearby, on the homepage the primary call to action users are presented with is a postcode search; this is a fast, simple way to let users dive in to the database. The second approach is for an audience who are less focused on a particular location and want to know what are the best and most interesting places to visit, for this we created the 'curated list', a template that collects a group of places around a theme and lays them out in a visually engaging manner with clear links to the detail pages.

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For the individual church pages, we identified the most useful and relevant information for each place and presented them in easily digestible sections including a feature list with icons, a map generated from the location which clicks through to Google Maps, key information in a sidebar, and a comments and rating section where users can interact and contribute to the site.

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"We are very excited to be working on the ExploreChurches website with FatBeehive. ExploreChurches is a new concept and the FB team have been enthusiastic and helpful with their technical and design input, and made our first stage of development both easy to manage and very successful. We have received so many compliments on the site, both how it looks and how it works. We are really looking forward to future development of the site in partnership with FB!" National Churches Trust
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