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image for IJM Cybersex Trafficking Campaign

Design, Frontend, Animation

IJM Cybersex Trafficking Campaign

Cybersex trafficking is a new and devastating form of slavery. IJM is applying its unique expertise ending trafficking in the Philippines to fight this new type of crime.

Ijm Wireframes
Ijm Campaign Page 1

IJM's goal for the campaign microsite was to convey key information and statistics about the issue and ultimately encourage people to support the campaign. They provided us with the content and some amazing imagery; my approach was to take this and create a clear compelling narrative for the user, moving through each section that covered a particular aspect (eg. statistics, personal stories, impact). I made full use of the incredible photography as background images for each section, fit the sections to the browser window and transition smoothly between them, allowing the user to focus on the information one step at a time. I added a fixed sidebar to give context to the page and provide an overview and navigation of the content.

Ijm Campaign Page 2
Ijm Campaign Page 3
"We are delighted with the webpage Fat Beehive produced for our campaign. They took our content and turned it into something both powerful and beautiful, both hard-hitting and yet a positive user journey. The staff were willing to go above and beyond in order to ensure the project was as strong as it could be, even in the tight timeframes and budget available." Rebekah Hill, Marketing Communications Executive
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