Case Study — 03

Salmond Reed Architects

Salmond Reed approached me to give their old website a refresh. Adding content was a clunky and arduous prospect for them, and what they had was unorganised.

They wanted the new design to be fresh and modern, but still reference their history. The projects they focus on range from heritage conservation to new design, and the style of the website reflects this dual identity. The layout is influenced by clean, modern editorial design, and the typography is ornate and traditional.

Logo concept

To create this logo concept I started with a geometric, rational sans serif for the base. I then added subtle modifications such as an upper block serif to the lowercase i to add a structural, architectural feel to the logo. Finally, I replaced the m with a three column symbol. This serves as a simplified logo and is a nod the the old arch logo.

SRA logo
[Fig 1] Early logo concept

A modern approach

Ultimately SRA wanted a lighter approach closer to their current brand

SRA dark homepage
[Fig 1] An early homepage concept
SRA dark project
[Fig 2] Early Project concept
SRA home
[Fig 1] Final homepage design
SRA projects
[Fig 2] Projects gallery
SRA project
[Fig 1] Project page with a flexible page builder
SRA about
[Fig 2] About page