Case Study — 03

Sven Harens

Initially, Sven had been using a Squarespace website to promote his business, but soon found he needed more specific functionality and control over the visual aspects than a theme could provide. He approached me to build a bespoke website.

Sven had already created a simple brand. I developed this, following his desire for something clean and professional. In the website design I tried to evoke the style of technical drawings and specifications to fit the context of project management.

Sven Harens brand 2
[Fig 1] Brand exploration: Logo
Sven Harens brand 3
[Fig 2] Brand exploration: Styling and layout
Sven Harens brand 1
[Fig 3] Brand exploration: Typography and colours

While being a simple website in terms of content, the desire from Sven for a focus on an eye-catching design and easy navigation gave me an opportunity to try some interesting features. I added smooth transitions between pages, sticky section titles, and hover interactions.

Sven handyman home
[Fig 1] Homepage introduction
Sven handyman contact
[Fig 1] The contact form gives visitors multiple options, with a standardised enquiry form
Sven handyman services
[Fig 2] For the services section, rather than creating multiple pages, the sidebar navigation changes the content on hover to easily browse the information

Sven requested illustrations to represent the various services he offers, I created a style that fit the website; simple, structured with some personality

Sven Harens illustrations
[Fig 1]
Sven handyman elements