The portfolio of Ben Hartley

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Creator of digital things

This is the portfolio of Ben Hartley, visual designer and front-end developer based in London with more than four years experience in agencies, freelancing and at one of the largest NZ media companies


  • User Experience
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development
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Branding, Design, Development

01. Schroder Charity Trust

image for Schroder Charity Trust

An independent Family Trust that has been supporting the charitable and voluntary sector for over 70 years

Design, Development

02. End Violence Against Women

image for End Violence Against Women

A leading UK coalition campaigning to end violence against women and girls, calling on all levels of government to do more and to shape public debate

Design, Development

03. IJM Cybersex Trafficking Campaign

image for IJM Cybersex Trafficking Campaign

Cybersex trafficking is a new and devastating form of slavery. IJM is applying its unique expertise ending trafficking in the Philippines to fight this new type of crime

Design, Development, Branding

04. Explore Churches

image for Explore Churches

ExploreChurches is a high quality resource for visitors and churches, supporting and promoting a beautiful collection of fascinating places to visit

Design, Development, E-commerce

05. The Fire Fighters Charity

image for The Fire Fighters Charity

Whether injured, ill or in need of psychological support to handle the life and death situations they face, The Fire Fighters Charity exists to support the everyday heroes of the fire community